My Artwork

I like to think that my artwork is about inspiring and evoking happy thoughts in people. I also like to promote health and wellness  because both are fundamental to happiness.  These are my goals in the work I chose to do.  Sometimes little happy thoughts, wishes, and simple gestures and acts of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s day.  When people are smiling and feeling happy, they are kinder to others.  We need more kindness.  I'd like to see everyone spread kindness!  Help me get more people to smile and laugh more often.  It's healthy, contagious, and an easy way in which all of us can make our world a happier place.  This is what I like to call "happy magic." 🙂

My Approach

Each piece I make is unique and gets my undivided attention, love and care.  I work with oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolors, inks, gels, craft supplies, and often a mix of them.  My art-making process usually starts with a sketch capturing my idea.  Then I follow with photographs of reference items depending on what I want in my composition, this sometimes becomes a digital collage.  After that I  draw the key subject(s) in pencil or charcoal depending on the surface, and the rest develops with the painting.  As an expert in digital creative technology, I do create some of my work in digital form.  I love the thrill of exploration and discovery, therefore my work can’t be boxed in into any specific label, category or classification.

Image of a watercolor painting as a work in progress

My Story

While I've been doing art as a hobby for many years, it wasn’t until 2015 that I chose to turn this hobby into a business.  I got my first taste of entrepreneurship as a child, helping my mom sell and deliver boutique clothing in our neighborhood in Mexico and also selling candy at school which I would regularly buy in bulk at a Dulceria...I also sold my own paper-doll drawings and their fashionable accessories to my friends (sometimes traded them for lunch or snacks).  During my teen years, I immigrated to the USA and with the hard-earned DOLLARS from my first job I purchased two important items that changed my life: a PC and my first set of oil paints.  And that's how it all started!

Recent Artwork

My newest series is titled "The Adventures of La Cenicienta”.  It's about a clever Weimaraner Dog exploring the world the way only Weims do - full of love and surprises!

In 2016, I worked primarily in watercolor paintings for children's books which I co-authored and later translated to Spanish.  The first book in the set is being published and it's expected for release in 2017.

Also in 2016 I made a Silicon Valley-style tribute collection to Princess Leia (Carrie Fischer, RIP).  I actually started this set in early December as I was anxiously awaiting Rogue One (Star Wars' latest movie at that time and the exciting Spectacles).  A couple of the paintings in the set were created as I grieved the loss of such an amazing Hollywood icon - Carrie Fisher paved the way for all the other female actresses who today can play heroic roles!

In 2015 I worked primarily in the "Santa Barbara Fairies".  The paintings in this series are about the magical world I experienced while living in Santa Barbara.

I've included samples of these collections and some of my earlier work in this virtual Gallery.

I hope everyone can access my work (specially those of you who can't come to my exhibits and art shows).  Thanks for visiting!

Request a Quote 🙂

I am available for commissioned artwork, live painting events, art and business workshops, public speaking, and digital art and marketing free-lance projects.  Please feel free to get in touch...I look forward to hearing from you!