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Hello!  I’m Claudia Sloan, a self-taught artist, author-illustrator, designer & engineer, currently living my dream as entrepreneur in the heart of Silicon Valley.

My art training began as a child through a variety of art projects, a few classes, workshops, self-help books and the old-fashioned experimentation.  I maintained my passion for the arts primarily as a hobby for more than 20 years while pursuing a professional career in the private and public sectors.  My formal training includes degrees in Graphic Design, Computer Science and a Master’s in Business Administration with additional training and work experience in Marketing and Communications and certifications in Project Management.

About My Artwork

Each piece I make is unique and gets my undivided attention, and TLC.  My artwork is inspired by nature and my own adventures and dreams.  I like to create pieces that evoke positive thinking, lots of smiles, and generally happy feelings.  This is what I call “my happy magic”.

Abut My Art-Making Process

Lately I’ve been working primarily with digital tech and watercolors.  But I also work with oil & acrylic paints, inks, gels, glitters, and anything that sparks a light for me…and often a mix of them.  I also work with digital tools including photography, video and animation.  My art-making process usually starts with a simple sketch capturing my idea.  After several more detailed sketches I follow with research, close observation and photographs which I use to create my base composition – this sometimes becomes a digital collage.  Then I choose a medium to work with and draw the main parts to begin the actual painting.  I love the thrill of exploration and discovery, therefore I try not to box my artwork into any specific label, category or classification.

Image of a watercolor painting as a work in progress

Pet Art &  Remembrance Paintings

My ongoing work includes pet art commissioned paintings (portraits of your loved pet in your chosen medium and style from my portfolio); and memorial pet paintings (these are commissioned paintings of remembrance for lost pets celebrating their lives and the very special relationship you had with them).

Past Artwork

In 2017 I worked primarily in “La Cenicienta Collection”.  A series of paintings about a clever Weimaraner Dog exploring the world the way only Weims do – full of curiosity, love and mischief!

In 2016, I worked primarily in watercolor paintings for children’s books which I co-authored and later translated to Spanish.  The first book was published in early 2018.

Also in 2016 I made a Silicon Valley-style tribute collection to Princess Leia (Carrie Fischer, RIP).  I actually started this set in early December as I was anxiously awaiting Rogue One (Star Wars’ latest movie at that time and the exciting Spectacles).  A couple of the paintings in the set were created as I grieved the loss of such an amazing Hollywood icon – Carrie Fisher paved the way for all the other female actresses who today can play heroic roles!

In 2015 I worked primarily in the “Santa Barbara Fairies”.  The paintings in this series are about the magical world I experienced while living in Santa Barbara.

Earlier works are not in series but I’ll be including some of them in this online gallery over the next few months.

Request a Quote 🙂

I am available for commissioned artwork, art and business workshops, public speaking, digital art, photography, video production, and marketing free-lance projects.  If you have creative work needs, let’s get in touch!

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