picture of claudia sloan on jean jacketHola!  Hello!  I’m Claudia Sloan and this is my creative corner in the digital world.  I’m an entrepreneur (Latina in STEAM) and art is one of my passions. 

My art “training” began as a child through my mother’s nurturing of my artistic interests — even when that meant putting my marks on any surface, all the time, anywhere!  She actually ensured paper was always handy so that walls and bed linens didn’t pay for it!  This continued until eventually I took some formal art classes as adult, attended workshops, read tons of books and through the old-fashioned experimentation.  I nurtured my passion for the arts as a hobby for more than 20 years while successfully fulfilling a professional career as a Software Engineer and later in Marketing Management.  My formal education includes degrees in Graphic Design, Computer Science and a Master’s in Business Administration with specialized training in Marketing, Communications and Project Management.  

Today I’m available for art and business workshops, public speaking, some commissioned artworks and select free-lance projects in the creative space or involving marketing/communications.  Get In Touch With Me, Join Me In A Workshop or  View some of my Artwork (now you can take home Limited Edition prints via my SECURE online store! ).  Please contact me to purchase originals.  Thanks for dropping by and be well!  🙂

Let’s Make Some Happy Magic!

I enjoy the creative process, it’s like music to my ears!  Doing any kind of creative work or artwork magnifies my positive outlook in life and takes me to my forever happy place.  It’s about creating things that make me and others happy.  That’s why I call it “my happy magic”.  And now you too can join me in making happy magic at one of my specially crafted workshops!  Join Me In A Workshop


Memorialize Your Pet

You love your shoes...puppy loves them too! Watercolor & Inks.

Loosing my Weim was one of the saddest events in my life.  Though I’ve had plenty of downs in my journey, she was very special to me.  It’s very sad to lose our beloved furry babies. If you’ve lost one, I’m with you in your loss and can help you create a beautiful memorial to honor and celebrate the life you shared together.    Learn About Pet Memorials


Give the Gift of Art

happy birthday gift cardSurprise a loved one with a unique piece of art made to order or chosen by him/her from my website or in person at one of my shows or open studios.

happy holidays gift card with puppy dressed as santaYou set the value of your choosing and it never expires.  Multiple designs available.  This gift card is electronic so there’s no risk of losing it!  If you prefer a physical gift card, please email me with your request and will mail directly to you.  Buy A Gift Card


Ginger Dog or Ginger Bear?bilingual children's book by claudia sloan

I had the pleasure to collaborate writing and illustrating this bilingual children’s book over 2+ years with the respected psychiatrist and dear friend Dr. Rodgers Wilson.  We have a Soft Cover and an E-Book version.  It prints on demand and ships to you directly from the publisher within 10 days.  It also has world-wide distribution through Amazon and major book stores.  You can also request it at your favorite local bookstore.  Simply provide the book name and this number “ISBN:9781483467023”.   And, you can Order Your Copy today!