About My Artwork

Each piece I make is unique and gets my undivided attention.  My artwork is inspired by nature and my own adventures and dreams.  I like to create pieces that evoke positive thinking, lots of smiles, and generally happy feelings.  I call it “my happy magic”.

Abut My Art-Making Process

Lately I’ve been working primarily with digital technology and mixed media.  However, I love working with watercolor, acrylic paints, inks, gels, glitters, and anything that sparks a light for me.  I also work with digital tools including photography, video and animation.  My art-making process usually goes one of two ways.  It can be an intuitive, completely spontaneous painting where I leave the analytical me outside the room and just paint. I love the thrill of exploration and discovery!  Or it can go the more planned approach, engaging both sides of my brain. Here I begin with a concept and a simple sketch capturing the idea.  Then I follow it with several values and composition sketches from which to choose what to focus on.  After several more detailed sketches I may follow with research (as needed), close observation and/or photographs which I use to create my base composition – this sometimes becomes a digital collage.  Then I choose a medium to work with and draw the main parts to begin the actual painting.

About My Happy Magic Workshops

The following are examples of workshops I’ve been conducting in small groups in California, Arizona and Texas.  Currently very few are offered publicly for anyone to attend (working on changing this); mostly they’ve been sponsored and held privately, by invitation only.

♥ To get notified of the next one near you, please sign up for my Artmigos and provide your zipcode.

♥ To host or sponsor a private workshop Please Email Me to discuss your specific goals, dates, and possible sites.

All my workshops currently are for adults (will try to add children’s workshops in the near future):

Soul Art – a therapeutic art workshop designed to help you relieve stress and build your very own toolbox to better navigate through stressful situations.

“Paint Your Pet” workshop – you will be guided step by step on how to paint your pet from your favorite photograph.  

The Signature “Happy Magic” Art workshop – you will be guided to meditation and then to create a unique piece of artwork using very little of traditional painting techniques and more of intuitive painting along with various mixed media techniques – you’ll surely have a blast experimenting!

Adventure Painting – you will be guided to create a piece of artwork in “plein aire”, outdoors, as part of an adventure hike or walk through a pre-selected location.

PTOs “Professionals’ Time Out”  you’re off work and it’s time to wear your hair down!  Relax, have a drink with your peers, and unleash your creativity with this fun and non-judging guided art class.  

On-site and Off-site Team Building or Strategic Planning with a creative twist.  – These “business art” workshops are designed to encourage communication, collaboration and problem solving skills in a safe and fun setting.  You’ll learn to leverage and support each other’s strengths and to build a nourishing team environment to increase productivity while reducing stress.

About Pet Art &  Remembrance Paintings

My ongoing work includes pet art commissioned paintings (portraits of your loved pet in your chosen medium and style from my portfolio); and memorial pet paintings (these are commissioned paintings of remembrance for lost pets celebrating their lives and the very special relationship you had with them).

About Past Artwork

This year my work has been inspired by my yoga practice, meditation and self-exploration – more to come on this.  I’ve also been working on my own children’s book series, shooting for publishing this Christmas!

In 2018 I completed the Yoga Dog mini-series and commissioned works for pet portraits and remembrance paintings.

In 2017 I worked primarily in “La Cenicienta Collection”.  A series of paintings about a clever Weimaraner Dog exploring the world the way only Weims do – full of curiosity, love and mischief!  To some degree, this was my own way of healing from tragically loosing my Weim to the Big C.

In 2016, I worked primarily in watercolor paintings for children’s books which I co-authored and later translated to Spanish.  The first book was published in early 2018.

Also in 2016 I made a Silicon Valley-style tribute collection to Princess Leia (Carrie Fischer, RIP).  I actually started this set in early December as I was anxiously awaiting Rogue One (Star Wars’ latest movie at that time and the exciting Spectacles).  A couple of the paintings in the set were created as I grieved the loss of such an amazing Hollywood icon – Carrie Fisher paved the way for all the other female actresses who today can play heroic roles!

In 2015 I worked primarily in the “Santa Barbara Fairies”.  The paintings in this series are about the magical world I experienced while living in Santa Barbara.

Earlier works are not in series but I’ll be including some of them in this online gallery over the next few months.

Contact Me  🙂

I am available for commissioned artwork, art and business workshops, public speaking, and select free-lance projects that involve digital art, video production, animation, augmented and virtual reality, and/or marketing/communications.  
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